Visit the Historical Places of Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh, and situated on South Asia. It was born in July month. It is positioned on the banks of Buriganga River and has huge inhabitants of about 13 million. It’s called the "City of Mosques". Dhaka is also known as the finest muslin city in the whole world, which main attraction is a kind of cotton fabric that is finely woven, making curtains, dresses and other clothing materials.

The Dhaka City was started approximate year of 1608-1610 by Subedar Islam Khan as the order of emperor Jahangir.  Now Dhaka is the midpoint of cultural, economic and political life in Bangladesh. Also Dhaka City is a place with so many remarkable places for visit. The Dhaka city is fully loaded with its own culture and beautiful people and visited by many nations from all around the world.

Here I propound some of the remarkable places to visit in Dhaka, Bangladesh:

Lalbagh Fort  
This is one of the attractive place to of Old Dhaka. It is still now from about 400 years of Dhaka city’s silent remembrance. The palace is a pattern of Mogol era. It was build by Azam, son of emperor Aorongazeb in 1678. It was continued by Nabab Shayesta Khan but, after death of Pari Bibi daughter of  Nabab Shayesta Khan was stopped it’s construction in 1684.

There are three building in area of Lalbag Fort..
1. Darbar Hall and Hammam Khana at central point.
2. Grave of Pari Bibi.
3. Shahi Mosque situated in the north-west corner.

There are also a nice-looking Gate and a garden on the wall of south side.

Armenian Church 
This is also an attractive place in Armanitola, old Dhaka. This good-looking church was built by the Armenian camp for the age of the year 1791. The big church is an beautiful ancient-looking minster whereas it’s structure back in the 17th century.
Actually Emperor Akbar was permitted to built the Armenian Church for their business, stay for live. In the year of 1781 a rich man Nicolas Catholic was build it and he gives its name Church of the Resurrection.

Tara Masjid (Star Mosque) 
This Mosque is located in Armanitola area, Dhaka, Bangladesh of the old symbol of the city. This mosque is desined by motifs of blue color stars. It was built 19th century by Mirza Golam Pir.

It was built in the Mughal style by Mirza Golam in late 18th century. Next time that’s mean 20th century, Ali Jan Bepari financed the renovation of the mosque and a new veranda which is situated eastern side was added. The mosque is festooned with imported Japanese and English china clay tiles and utilized both methods of the Chinitikri application.

Jatiyo Shangshod
The National Parliament building situated at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. Jatiyo Shangshod is built with a huge complex geometrical plan. Louis Khan was designed of it. Louis Kahn was designed it according to representing Bangladeshi Culture and heritage.

Khan’s own words:
“In the assembly I have introduced a light-giving element to the interior of the plan. If you see a series of columns you can say that the choice of columns is a choice in light. The columns as solids frame the spaces of light. Now think of it just in reverse and think that the columns are hollow and much bigger and that their walls can themselves give light, then the voids are rooms, and the column is the maker of light and can take on complex shapes and be the supporter of spaces and give light to spaces. I am working to develop the element to such an extent that it becomes a poetic entity which has its own beauty outside of its place in the composition. In this way it becomes analogous to the solid column I mentioned above as a giver of light.
It was not belief, not design, not pattern, but the essence from which an institution could emerge...”
Source: Louis I. Kahn. from Heinz Ronner, with Sharad Jhaveri and Alessandro Vasella Louis I. Kahn: Complete Works 1935-74. p236, 238.

Shahid Minar
The Shahid Minar is a national memorial in Dhaka, Bangladesh, recognized to remember those killed during the tongue Movement demonstration of 1952. February 21, 1952 many students of DU and political activists were killed when they are pomping on the road Pakistani shoulders are shoot on pomp.

When the Awami League came to the power they want to remember those martyrs. So they want to build a Shaheed Memorial structure. Current shaheed minar’s design was followed the original plan of 1957.

That’s are just few of the numerous interesting places in Dhaka. Even there are also other several places such as numerous mosques, museums and monuments which are also visit able in Dhaka. All places are open for the public. So guests are all the time welcome to come and see the Beauty of Dhaka.

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